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WE (Black Men) were all courageous and equal leaders that day of the original Million Man March. It was a significant moment in African American history, a “Missing Moment.” History has shown us over time that true change develops momentum when we experience a “defining moment.” As we continue to embrace the “defining moment” changes are destined to occur with or without much additional effort; progress is inevitable. Now, some 22 years later, we can look back and call the changes that occurred, defining moments, pivotal moments, or capture them all in “Black October – The Missing Moment.

Throughout this passionate documentary, we will mention the word “moment” as if it is the one word that defines the essence of many activities; an event, a turning point; a cornerstone in African American History. For me, the Million Man March represents a “Missing Moment” in American History; more specifically, in African American History that we can all learn from, regardless of color, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, education, economic status or religious affiliation.